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About Us

Emma Mulligan Business Admin Ltd was established in 2014.  The company became Ltd in 2024.

We provide administration support for small and medium sized businesses.  From Email Management to diary management, to bookkeeping to any other admin tasks your business requires.

We help you as a company grow.  We help you automate.  We help you serve your clients and customers efficiently.  We help you get paid on time.  We give you time to go on holiday.  We give you time to read a book.  We give you time to work on your business.  We help you gain some time back with family and loved ones.  So let us help you too.

When they celebrate a win in their business, we are celebrating it with them.  As we know we are a tiny part of that win.  However, what COVID taught us is that we can also provide a support for those business and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

My Story

Meet Emma, Owner

So where do I start… Hi, I am Emma Mulligan and I am the founder of Emma Mulligan Business Admin Ltd.  I’m a Virtual Assistant, a wife and a mum and all of these roles have helped shape my company and me.

I have over 20 years experience working with administration.  I have experienced working in small, large, private sector and public sector companies.

The thing I love most about working in my business is every day is different.   I have the opportunity to work with so many different companies, no two days are the same.  No two companies are the same.  We get to learn about what makes those companies special and support them behind the scenes.


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Real Results

Outsourcing Admin will save you time!

Outsourcing your admin will save you time.  Business owners are always wearing may hats and it is difficult to do it all, by outsourcing some of your admin tasks will free up your time.  

Outsourcing admin will allow your business to grow, it makes your team look bigger and also gives you time to focus.


Business Hours Saved in 2023

Jan - Jun 2024

Thanks for all your input and effort to get this going it is greatly appreciated.

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