When I learnt how to transcribe and I was 18 working in an accountant’s and I used a tape recorder and pedal to transcribe letters. Although the methods of transcribing are now digital it is something I feel could be used in all businesses. Transcription services are becoming a much-needed requirement Below are just a few examples.

  • Do you struggle to write down what is in your head to put into blogs, social media posts but can easily say it out loud?
  • Research and focus groups, either for product development or studies.
  • Recorded Meetings.

We offer a straight forward, easy to use and timely turnaround transcription service. Whether it be an individual talking, one to one interview or focus groups you can be assured that the transcript that you receive will be of the highest quality.

We use any supporting documents that you send through with your audio file to ensure that the terminology is correct. We go above and beyond to research names, places and phrases so returned documents are as you required.

All completed transcripts are proofread before being returned to you.

How does Transcription work with us?

First of all, send through your transcription using we transfer to admin@emmamulligan.co.uk

Once we receive your transcription we will review the quality and respond to confirm the cost and turn around time.

Once you accept the cost and turnaround we will start work on your transcript and return to you in the agreed timescales.

Transcription Services start at 0.60p per audio minute.

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*If a transcript is unclear we will inform you before going ahead with the transcription, it may be that higher costs will be incurred to transcribe or we would have to decline the work.

*If you require any further amendments these need to be sent to us within 48 hours of completed transcription

*Full terms will be provided to you before transcription work is carried out.