One of my memories of leaving my permanent job to become a virtual assistant was one of my colleagues asking whether it will be lonely not working in an office and working by yourself.  I won’t lie it is something I thought about lots when I first started out as I had a great working relationship with my colleagues and I was scared it was something I was going to miss but what I have learnt over the years is that it is not lonely if you do not want it to be.

A lot of the clients I currently have I have had for a long time, over two years so through the years I have got to know them really well and they make me feel part of their companies.  I can’t say a day goes by without me speaking to someone whether it is over the phone or by video conference and it is such an important part of a business working with a virtual assistant.

Communication is key in any business whether it is a small one man band or a larger company, without communication mistakes and customer service falls off and there are so many different methods I use day to day.  I find as well sometimes having a long call to go over plans for the future and to discuss what has happened over the last few weeks/months really helps both parties to focus.

Last week I got the opportunity for a trip to London to visit one of my clients it really gave me a sense of their working environment looking at the bigger picture and how I fit in with their needs.  Having a face to face meeting gave us the chance to discuss all aspects of the support that I offer them, ways in which we can improve and make the relationship stronger going forward.

So to answer my ex-colleagues question am I lonely?  No not at all I could not be further from that statement just because I may be at the other end of the country to some of my clients it is the last thing that I feel yes I miss the workplace banter and coming in to work to find half of my equipment missing or paper stuck to the bottom of my mouse, but I never feel lonely.


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