So where do I start… I left school not knowing which direction I wanted to go in but what I did know was I didn’t want to go to university I couldn’t bear the thought of studying for years I wanted to go out and get a job but didn’t really know yet what I wanted to do.

All through school I wanted to be a teacher, however not going to university I knew at this point that wouldn’t be possible so needed a backup plan – along came an advert for an apprenticeship in Business Administration.  20 years ago, on £40 a week I started my journey into administration.

My first job was working in with an accountant I hated it and couldn’t wait to get out, after applying for lots of jobs I got my first HR role working at Renoir Shoes.  This is where I found my love for HR.   No day was ever the same and I felt I was always learning, and considering I thought I had finished studying this is when I decided to do my CIPD Qualifications.

I stayed within HR for 12 years working at some large national companies in a highly administrative role supporting HR Teams.  However, in my last role I lost my love for HR after spending 6 months photo-copying passports I decided enough was enough and my brain wasn’t getting challenged.

I had always wanted to set up my own business doing HR, however after loosing the love I decided to go down the general admin route supporting small businesses with the day to day administration.  I can’t say its been easy there are highs and lows (I even went back to employment but only lasted six weeks!)  however, I am still here four years later and loving it more than ever, I have excellent clients and I really enjoy knowing I am bringing value to their companies and easing some of the pressure of running their business.